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Values and principles


To promote that the behavior of those who comprise the university be deployed within the framework of the following institutional values:




Understood as the quality of people to make decisions regarding their behavior with moral integrity, rectitude, honesty, responsibility, with respect for oneself and for others, and accept the consequences derived from this decision making.


Understood as the recognition and respect of the ideas, behaviors and beliefs of other people differing from one’s own, which derive from cultural diversity, religious beliefs, visions of life, race, social stratum, nationality or geographical origin that distinguish us.

Social Responsibility

Understood as the voluntary commitment of individuals and organizations to adopt strategies and behaviors that work towards diminishing the negative impact that they may cause to society and the environment, seeking to contribute to the development of a more just society and the protection of the environment. It is also a commitment to go further in the training of professionals; it implies promoting the training of individuals committed to the development of society and the country.


To maintain and strengthen an identity based on:


Academic Freedom

Adherence to autonomy, intellectual freedom and that of teaching, participation of the academic community, respect for the hierarchy that imposes knowledge, the legitimate authority and the responsible exercise of this autonomy.

Institutional Excellence

Vocation to perform the institutional functions with integrity, high quality and commitment so as to achieve the established purposes, under demanding standards and continuous assessment.

Vocation for Public Service

Vision of the educational task and of the generation, preservation and dissemination of greater knowledge as a service to people, and a contribution to overcoming the challenges facing the country and society.


Commitment to non-discrimination, respect for students and officials, and the application of objective criteria of competence, ethical sense and respect regarding the regulations of the institution.