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Educational Model


The current Educational Model of Universidad Mayor is specified in CurriculumMayor, which has been implemented since 2005 and acts as a frame for the curriculum of each of the undergraduate programs.


CurriculumMayor is structured in three curricular blocks: Initial, Disciplinary and Professional, which lead, respectively, to the Baccalaureate, Bachelor and Professional Degree certifications; there is the option of continuing towards a Specialized Block that grants a graduate certification [Master’s, Diploma Course, Specialization or equivalent].


CurriculumMayor includes four training areas, transversal to the three curricular blocks: Specific Training and Basic Training, which focus on professional skills, and General Training and Management Training, which provide cultural awareness and personal development, as well as emphasizing the institutional educational hallmark.


CurriculumMayor is a requirement and an educational philosophy, which adjusts the training of professionals to the requirements of an up-to-date and balanced education, while enriching the student’s university experience, which coincides with a particularly important stage of the youth’s development. CurriculumMayor is a requirement because, in order to receive the professional title, the student must study and pass courses and carry out activities in the thematic areas that comprise it and that have to do with:


1The principles and specific or inherent competences of the profession.


2The contents that sustain the disciplines and professional studies.


3The concepts and mechanisms that facilitate the management of professional development, which contributes to an element of the institutional training seal.


4The activities that broaden the cultural spectrum and enhance personal dimensions in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor fields.


CurriculumMayor is also an educational philosophy since it rests on the conviction that every student who graduates from Universidad Mayor manages to be a widely educated person, in terms of knowledge and skills, understanding of cultural diversity and attitudes to address problems in the ethical field, while preparing to successfully practice a profession in a global and competitive world.