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Global Campus Experience

Universidad Mayor is the only university in Chile to be a local partner to the University of Arizona (UA) through the Global Campus Experience. This agreement offers access to a 100% online education for most of the undergraduate and graduate programs at UA, broadening the possibilities of entering the university system in the US.

University of Arizona programs

Learn about all the programs you can apply to, click here.

Campus Experience

As a student of the bachelor's programs at the University of Arizona, you will be able to access the following services at Universidad Mayor campuses:

  • Use of Libraries (including digital library)
  • Use of Cowork areas.
  • Use of laboratories (if the programs require it).
  • Face-to-face classes ( when required).
  • Sports activities at Universidad Mayor.
  • Counselor and program coordinator.

Programs for continuation of studies for professional degrees

Learn about the Programs for Continuation of studies that you can access at Universidad Mayor to obtain your professional degree valid in Chile.

For information of other Programs for Continuation of studies at Universidad Mayor: click here.

Benefits of the program:

You will be able to access a plan to continue your studies in Chile and obtain a valid national degree in some of the programs.

The cost is more accessible than when enrolling directly in the US.

Your academic transfer credits will be recognized in almost all US universities.

You will be entering the higher education system in the US.

After one or two years of online education, you could transfer to face-to-face modality in Arizona. (there is an associated fee cost)

You will have the option of studying one face-to-face semester throughout your bachelor’s studies.


  • High school graduate certification.
  • B2 level of English, accredited with a certificate such as: TOEFL, IELTS, PTE.*

*for more information on accepted tests and scores: click here


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